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Twisted Blood writes regularly for SB Nation Soccer and Surreal Football and occasionally for other websites. Here is an archive.

02/12/2011: Beckham’s Legacy? It’s Too Soon To Say, for The Score. Weighing up Goldenballs.

29/11/2011: They Gave It To Him?, for Surreal Football. The Man of the Match award is a load of nonsense.

24/11/2011: There Is A Crisis, And There Is A Crisis, And That Ain’t It, for SB Nation. Manchester City vs. Kettering Town. Kettering win.

19/11/2011: MBM: MLS Cup Final — LA Galaxy 1-0 Houston Dynamo, for Surreal Football.

17/11/2011: GUILTY! INNOCENT! SCUMBAG! HERO! SHUT UP!, for SB Nation. More on Evra and Suarez.

15/11/2011: Jonny Evans: Better Than He Seems, But Worse Than He Is, for Surreal Football. Poor Jonny …

09/11/2011: The Worst Thing That A Footballer Can Do, for SB Nation. Antolin Alcarez, you naughty boy.

06/11/2011: MBM: Athletic Bilbao 2-2 Barcelona, for Surreal Football.

04/11/2011: Ravel Morrison And The Decline Of Empathy, for SB Nation.

02/11/2011: Our Survey Says …, for Surreal Football. All footballers are racists.

25/10/2011: The Art of Rationalisation, or Reasons to be Cheerful, for SB Nation. Apparently there was a Manchester derby …

25/10/2011: What If?, for Magic Spongers. Wales and the 1958 World Cup.

21/10/2011: Two Footed Tackle Podcast #86, with Two Footed Tackle. The Premier League, Euro 2012, lower-league refereeing, and more.

17/10/2011: Nobody Knows Anything, for SB Nation. Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez.

12/10/2011: Money Swallows The Universe, for SB Nation. Ian Ayre and Liverpool’s plans for changing the Premier League’s television deal.

06/10/2011: Why Losing To Manchester City Means Absolutely Nothing, for SB Nation. A (sort of) defence of Steve Kean (not really).

29/09/2011: The Beautiful And The Damned, for SB Nation. Dimitar Berbatov And Carlos Tevez.

19/09/2011: The Weekend The Premier League Went Mental, for SB Nation. Mass hysteria.

12/09/2011: What The Premier League Really Thinks Of Promoted Teams, for The Seventy Two.

13/09/2011: Death From Above, for Surreal Football. Manchesters City and United: the slave and the whore.

09/09/2011: The Great Passion Paradox, for SB Nation. England’s lack of heart and desire, and why it does matter.

04/09/2011: All That Glistered Was Not Gold, for SB Nation. Looking back at England’s not-so-golden generation.

29/08/2011: Panic On The Streets Of North London, for SB Nation. Wenger must not go.

19/08/2011: Heaps Of Woe, for Run of Play. Monkey chants at the Camp Nou.

16/08/2011: Everybody Chill The Flip Out, for SB Nation. Why David de Gea isn’t the New Taibi.

12/08/2011: Football, It’s Up To You, for SB Nation. Disagreeing with Jonathan Wilson.

10/08/2011: Wales 1-2 Australia, for SB Nation. Match report.

22/07/2011: It’s Not The Winning, It’s The Taking Penalties, for SB Nation. Paraguay, into the Copa America final without winning a game. Heroes.

12/07/2011: Dickheads, for Magic Spongers. People who wave at television cameras.

05/07/2011: Football Across The Gender Divide, for SB Nation. What mixed football might look like.

28/06/2011: The Convenient Likeness Of Being Andre-Villas Boas, for SB Nation. Jose Mourinho and false familiarity.

28/06/2011: On The Pleasure Of Hating Jack Wilshere, for Man And Ball.

19/06/2011: Making Newcastle Dance To His Own Toon, for SB Nation. Alan Pardew and the summer reshaping of Newcastle.

13/06/2011: King Of The Pragmatists, for SB Nation. Sam Allardyce and West Ham.

03/06/2011: The Real Work Begins Now, for SB Nation. Kenny Dalglish, and the re-introduction of pressure.

31/05/2011: One Of The Good Guys, for Surreal Football. Leighton Baines.

24/05/2011: It Wasn’t A Fairytale, It Was Much More Important Than That, for SB Nation. The promotion of AFC Wimbledon to the Football League.

23/05/2011: European Revision, for Magic Spongers. Manchester United 3-1 Fiorentina, 15 March 2011.

18/05/2011: Manchester United’s Player Of The Year, for SB Nation. The wonder of Alex Ferguson.

11/05/2011: Gillesgrimandias, for Run of Play. Wengerpoetry.

11/05/2011: The Villain Of The Britannia, for SB Nation. Aaron Ramsey returns to the scene of the crime.

03/05/2011: The English Media’s Reaction To El Clasico Was Depressingly English, for SB Nation. Look! Foreign people! Diving!

27/04/2011: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Drought, for SB Nation. Fernando Torres’s slow start.

20/04/2011: The Wrong Choice, For Some Of The Right Reasons, for SB Nation. Making sense of Gareth Bale’s PFA award.

30/04/2011: Hussein Hegazi; The Egyptian Magician, for In Bed With Maradona. England’s first African.

25/03/2011: Big Time Charlie, for ¡Viva Northern League! A profile of Charlie Roberts.

09/03/2011: Teams That Made Us Fall In Love With Football, for Magic Spongers. Croatia 1996, 1998.

24/02/2011: While Europe Burned, for the Equaliser. English football during World War Two.

16/02/2011: Man To Man Marxing, for In Bed With Maradona. Football, Marx, and religion.

12/01/2011: My Favourite Goal, for GhostGoal. Frank Worthington, Bolton vs. Ipswich, 21 April 1979.

12/01/2011: Stop Making Sense, for In Bed With Maradona. The tired language of football.

31/12/2010: Don’t Ever Take Sides Against The Family, for The Busby Way. The recall of three MUFC reserves from Preston North End.

20/12/2011: My Club Is Bigger Than Your Club, for The Busby Way. The rumoured interest in MUFC from Qatari Holdings.

13/12/2010: Know Your Enemy, for The Busby Way. Tactical analysis of Arsenal’s defensive weaknesses, prior to MUFC-Arsenal.

06/12/2010: There Is Power In A Union, for In Bed With Maradona. The early days of the PFA.

02/12/2010: United’s First Legend, for The Busby Way. Billy Meredith

24/11/2010: Je Ne Regrette Rien, for The Busby Way. Adem Ljajic, one that got away

17/11/2010: Black Wings, for In Bed With Maradona. Football, depression, and Robert Enke.

16/11/2010: Who Dares Wins , for The Busby Way. It’s the draws that kill you.

09/11/2010: The Madness of King Kevin, for The Busby Way. That 12-point gap.

07/11/2010: Bébé Talk, for The Busby Way. A surprise signing’s surprising showing.

06/10/2010: My Favourite Footballer, for the Equaliser. Ryan Giggs.