Gardening Leave

» August 3, 2011

Lies! Lies! ———- It was a long hot day and we had nothing to do. Whenever we used to tell El Tel that we were bored, he would look past […]

» June 29, 2011

More lies. Obviously. Studio voice  Good morning, Madames et Monsieurs! Good morning, and welcome to The Stuff of Champions! And here’s your host, everyone’s favourite alliterative former Arsenal defender turned scout […]

» June 16, 2011

More lies. This time, with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe ——— Late last night, an evening dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over Charles Hughes’ quaint and curious volume […]

» June 15, 2011

All of what follows is a lie. But you knew that. ——— Alan Shearer is buried up to the neck in a vegetable patch. Only his head is visible, and […]

» June 14, 2011

——— Everything that follows is a lie. But you knew that. McLeish  Turned out nice again Hughes is silent. McL  Aye. Cracking day. Look, is that a sandpiper? Hughes is silent. […]