» May 10, 2012

by Danny Fitzgerald A promising striker from a small German club, a combative midfielder plucked from a city whose last flirtation with kitsch came more than 30 years ago; a […]

» February 17, 2012

I do still find it slightly disappointing that his first name isn’t Edison. Panic on the streets of London! Wenger in/out! Andre Villas-Boas in/out! Ooooooooooh, hokey-cokey! Ahem. Here’s Iain Macintosh […]

» December 30, 2011

I write this as the new year approaches and as Robin van Persie closes in on an utterly spurious and contrived achievement. Two goals against Queen’s Park Rangers tomorrow, and […]

» November 24, 2011

The rules … A squad of twenty, comprising a first XI, an 8-man bench, and a manager, one selected from each Premier League team. Twisted Blood’s effort … TEAM: Vorm; […]

» November 16, 2011

by Scott Oliver I’ve often wondered whether ‘irrational hatred’ wasn’t a tautology. Isn’t loathing always ‘irrational’? If not irrational, then unconscious, at least, conscious justifications merely giving our more base, […]

» November 14, 2011

by Kevin McCauley On November 13, Les Rosbifs did something incredible – they got an interview with Steve McClaren. Les Rosbifs has been a wonderful blog with a unique concept […]

» November 10, 2011

Football is full of vacant concepts, bastard phrases referring to little and signifying less. Sometimes these are straightforward impossibilities: consider “England midfield” or “Portuguese striker”. Other times, they feel like […]

» October 24, 2011

by Niklas Wildhagen Growing up in Germany I lived through an era of industrious, hard working, unspectacular ball players. Andi Brehme, Lotthar Matthaus, Klaus Augenthaler, all of them were decent […]

» October 17, 2011

by Chris Ledger Danny Wilson’s 1989 single ‘The Second Summer of Love’ contains the lyrics: “the first summer of love was here when I was much too young”. And they […]