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» May 19, 2011

by Mohamed Moallim There’s no bigger international rivalry than Holland–Germany, that’s my opinion anyway and I like to think it’s true. Countless classics have been served up by these two […]

» May 18, 2011

by Michael Moruzzi When I was beginning my life long obsession with football the German national team represented the destroyers of dreams. They were too good at winning to make […]

» May 13, 2011

by Daniel Williams I think the first time that I truly despised a football player was during a cold night at Hillsborough, home of Sheffield Wednesday. Despite the weather, a […]

» May 11, 2011

by Thomas Levin It’s hard to write about Alex Ferguson without covering what has already been said before. Very few people will disagree that he is at least one of […]

» May 10, 2011

by Adam Bate It’s fair to say that Kevin Phillips came to national prominence when he started banging them in from all parts for Sunderland. Not as far as I’m […]

» May 6, 2011

by David Bevan That accent, so grating, So infuriating, That cap, that peak, Delap so integral, Pointing out like a beak, The long throw essential, That style, that approach, Not […]

» May 5, 2011

by Rob Macdonald Some years ago, in a club in Edinburgh, a friend of mine met a girl who told him over the din that she was from the Netherlands. […]

» May 4, 2011

by Andrew Harding “Familiarity breeds contempt”. This has been the case for many years when it comes to me and Harry Redknapp, a man whose middle name really should be […]

» April 29, 2011

by Callum Hamilton I’m a Manchester United fan, and I did most of my pretending to grow up in the 90s. The ’99 team is of course my favourite. It’s […]

» April 28, 2011

by Ethan Dean-Richards I’m a half-hearted fan of West Bromwich Albion: a half-hearted football fan, in fact. Synthetic club rivalries don’t wake me up from my apathy and my contempt […]