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» November 24, 2011

The rules … A squad of twenty, comprising a first XI, an 8-man bench, and a manager, one selected from each Premier League team. Twisted Blood’s effort … TEAM: Vorm; […]

» November 16, 2011

by Scott Oliver I’ve often wondered whether ‘irrational hatred’ wasn’t a tautology. Isn’t loathing always ‘irrational’? If not irrational, then unconscious, at least, conscious justifications merely giving our more base, […]

» November 14, 2011

by Kevin McCauley On November 13, Les Rosbifs did something incredible – they got an interview with Steve McClaren. Les Rosbifs has been a wonderful blog with a unique concept […]

» November 10, 2011

Football is full of vacant concepts, bastard phrases referring to little and signifying less. Sometimes these are straightforward impossibilities: consider “England midfield” or “Portuguese striker”. Other times, they feel like […]

» November 9, 2011

by Maxwell Kuhl “For Vorm” Let them come and have their day and by my hands and feet and heart their stars will be smothered; their breath brought down; their […]

» November 7, 2011

by Maxwell Kuhl 1. Wolves In the light and the afternoon all thinning and holding in hand the last little bit slipping suddenly and so fast, so sweet before leaving […]

» October 24, 2011

by Niklas Wildhagen Growing up in Germany I lived through an era of industrious, hard working, unspectacular ball players. Andi Brehme, Lotthar Matthaus, Klaus Augenthaler, all of them were decent […]

» October 21, 2011

by Maxwell Kuhl There’s no shade of the right color or light at the right angle to show the shape of these things; the way they move as they move […]

» October 17, 2011

by Chris Ledger Danny Wilson’s 1989 single ‘The Second Summer of Love’ contains the lyrics: “the first summer of love was here when I was much too young”. And they […]

» October 5, 2011

by Maxwell Kuhl Our angels look like ghosts; our feet, far from our bodies and lost in the field, feel strange. Everything that should be sad is changing; blood thinning […]