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» May 10, 2012

by Danny Fitzgerald A promising striker from a small German club, a combative midfielder plucked from a city whose last flirtation with kitsch came more than 30 years ago; a […]

» March 18, 2012

Being bright like stars falling or rain on leaves; Everywhere the lights leaning like wilting flowers; The last quiet cold of winter quickly fading; The last of the still-soft orange […]

» March 9, 2012

Swansea 1-1 QPR; Swansea 1-1 Tottenham So many parts in motion, and straining, it’s what’s working, making, or building, or bending, or blinking and brought together, or better drawn apart […]

» February 17, 2012

I do still find it slightly disappointing that his first name isn’t Edison. Panic on the streets of London! Wenger in/out! Andre Villas-Boas in/out! Ooooooooooh, hokey-cokey! Ahem. Here’s Iain Macintosh […]

» January 18, 2012

Everton 1-0 Swansea We came in cold from the rain with the hope that we wouldn’t get wet and that the awnings and shingles and spires and pillars and poles […]

» January 6, 2012

Newcastle 0-0 Swansea A touch of an undying, unmoving plane, all and along the unending, unsinging same sorry low sweeping shared glance or stare, Together muddled and turned inward, also […]

» January 6, 2012

Swansea 0-0 Aston Villa For Gary Speed One day the ball stops rolling, on the brackish grass, under a broken sky and endlessly alone. Please, please, please, may you rest […]

» December 30, 2011

I write this as the new year approaches and as Robin van Persie closes in on an utterly spurious and contrived achievement. Two goals against Queen’s Park Rangers tomorrow, and […]

» December 2, 2011

by Maxwell Kuhl what drunk, hapless waves, lapping shore-ward, heady in the moving water waiting for the rocks and sand, already leaning, lost together what twisted, angled sails flapping wayward, […]