TB’s All-time Wales XI

Any supporter of Wales will tell you that, while we may never have taken the world of international football by storm, we’ve had some damn fine players. Inspired by a well-refreshed pub chat about whether or not Wales would have been a world-class team, had the best players not been cruelly distributed throughout history, Twisted Blood is proud to present the All-Time Wales XI, playing an alarmingly attacking 4-1-3-2:

I reckon that’s a bloody good team.

Individual player profiles to follow as and when they’re done, links to which can be found below. Please note that this team is (a) wholly subjective and (b) absolutely correct.

1. Neville Southall (1982-97, 92 caps/0 goals)

2. Clayton Blackmore (1985-98, 39/0)

3. Alf Sherwood (1946-56, 41/0)

4. John Charles (1950-65, 38/15)

5. Gary Speed (1990-2004, 85/7)

6. Fred Keenor (1920-32, 32/2)

7. Billy Meredith (1895-1920, 48/11)

8. Ivor Allchurch (1950-66, 68/23)

9. Ian Rush (1980-96, 73/28)

10. Trevor Ford (1946-57, 38/23)

11. Ryan Giggs (1991-2007, 64/12) (external link to Twisted Blood’s piece for the Equaliser)

Honourable mention: Cliff Jones (1952-67, 59/16).