Swan Songs #13

Swansea 1-1 QPR; Swansea 1-1 Tottenham

So many parts in motion, and straining,
it’s what’s working, making, or building,
or bending, or blinking and brought together,
or better drawn apart the finer with the rough,
if not so close then buried just below the surface,
if not so strong then flickering forward,
far enough to stay just out of reach.


Aston Villa 0-2 Swansea; Swansea 3-2 Arsenal

At the foot of the door of the church
where our hands
from our angels all un-tethered,
hysterical, and sleepy,
sprang forth and reckless,
at once and up and out and rattling,
held for a moment
the holy bodies
in the godly sky.


Sunderland 2-0 Swansea; Swansea 1-1 Chelsea; WBA 1-2 Swansea

Of the things unwritten, nothing un-writes itself like pain,
and nothing has more faith, or strength, or strangeness.
There’s no staying-power so broad and unabiding as sitting idle,
so harsh as watching everything around you turn.
And no light so long and mirrored and bright as the one
that cleaves and cuts our better from our best.


Swan Songs are written by @MaxwellKuhl. Read the previous instalments here.

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