Swan Songs #10

Swansea 0-0 Aston Villa

For Gary Speed

One day the ball stops rolling,
on the brackish grass,
under a broken sky
and endlessly alone.
Please, please, please,
may you rest in peace.


Swansea 2-4 Blackburn; Swansea 2-0 Fulham

What sky-less mind and merry-less eyes imagine
moving skittish at times and idle, easy, vague;

Why not be alone and eerie and solemn and strange,
and holding onto every graceless homeward gaze;

How heavy and hard and unremarkable to take,
one by one by one the hours and the days;

When brooding, moody limbs warp and wrangle
in their ways, for tremendous, garrulous sway;

Who hasn’t held in having at their hands and feet
the holy, handmade cities of their dreams?


Swan Songs are written by Maxwell Kuhl. Read the rest here.

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